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Department of Philosophy


Department of Philosophy was established in 1963 by Mr. Leszek Kasprzyk, PhD. Department members carry on lectures and classes on philosophy, social philosophy, economics methodology, business ethics, corporate social responsibility.  


Mr. Adam Wegrzecki, PhD, Professor
Mr. Kazimierz Sosenko, PhD, Associate Professor

Mrs. Janina Filek, PhD, Associate Professor, Department Head
Mr. Leszek Kusak, PhD, Associate Professor
Mr. Piotr Augustyniak, PhD, Assistant Professor
Mr. Jerzy Bukowski, PhD, Assistant Professor
Mrs. Katarzyna Guczalska, PhD, Assistant Professor - (personal website available)
Mr. Dobrosław Kot, PhD, Assistant Professor
Mr. Tomasz Kwarcinski, PhD, Assistant Professor - (personal website available)
Ms. Inga Mizdrak, PhD, Assistant Professor
Mrs. Maria Glodowicz, Administrative Assistant

Research groups

  • Ethics and Social Philosophy

Group members: Janina Filek (Leader), Kazimierz Sosenko, Katarzyna Guczalska, Tomasz Kwarcinski, Inga Mizdrak

Research interests: business ethics, corporate social responsibility, consequentialism, libertarianism, social contract theory, collective responsibility

  • Philosophical Anthropology

Group members: Leszek Kusak (Leader), Adam Wegrzecki, Piotr Augustyniak, Jerzy Bukowski, Dobrosław Kot

  • Collective Responsibility Interdisciplinary Group 

Research projects

Tomasz Kwarcinski, Moral Agents in Their Social Environment, conducted during his stay at the Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature (University of Oslo), from 28th February till 30th August 2011. A grant of the Scholarship and Training Fund, FSS/2010/II/D3/W/0053.

Academic Club of Philosophy

ACP was established in 2010 on the initiative of Tomasz Kwarcinski. Since ACP's official members are students of Cracow University of Economics, we kindly invite also other students, academics and everyone who is interested in developing their knowledge about philosophy to take part in our meetings. We focus mainly on social philosophy and problems common both to philosophy and economics (for example ethics in business, globalisation, poverty counteracting etc.).
ACP's mission is to propagate interest in philosophy and other social sciences among students of economy (and other faculties as well). ACP organises symposia, panel discussions and other events.

Timetable of meetings and further information in Polish - click here



Department of Philosophy
ul. Rakowicka 27 
Room No. 241 Library Building
31-510 Krakow